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Live investing

Customers can invest as you pitch, demo, etc.



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Customer owners

Create highly invested customer-owner-advocates

What the smart money is saying

Who’s Crowdfunding?


$26M+ raised from 4,500+ investors


$5M raised from 7,300 investors


$1.2M raised with crowdfunding


$6.4M raised with crowdfunding

Backstage Capital

Backstage Capital raises $5M in a few days


$9.6M raised from 3,300+ investors

Intellivision Amico

$13M raised from 4,400+ investors

Elio Motors

$16M raised from 6,300+ investors

40+ YC companies

Kunduz (YC S18), Moonshot (YC W21), Wos (YC W21), SigNoz (YC W21), Miso (YC S16)...

The best VC firms tend to follow-on invest in crowdfunded startups

Everyone else




Speed of Fundraise

3 - 6 months

1 - 24 hours


Listing pages, like its 1999

Livestreams, much wow

Why Crowdfund?

β€œThe upside of having your customers as your investors is too good to pass up. Gumroad now has hundreds of creators as owners who are now doubly incentivized to use the product and to spread the word to other creators.”

β€” Sahil Lavinga, on Crowdfunding

Lock-in your customers


Create a core customer-owner group that is in the same boat as you

A customer that invests their own cash, is less likely to churn, complain, stop using your product, or switch to a competitor. Those are all reasons that kill companies, particularly in highly-competitive markets with less differentiation.

Spread the word


Customer-Owners are more likely than just customers to spread the word.

What could a group of 5,000 new, self-motivated "affiliates" mean for growing your business? πŸš€ πŸš€


Get new customers

Get 1000s more customers for free, in a matter of hours

When paired with CF platforms that can bring giant audiences (such as Stonks is planning to do), consumer-facing startups and small businesses can get hundreds to thousands of new customers via a CF fundraise.

β†’ 250,000 - 500,000 people might view your fundraise β†’ 2-4% might become net new customers β†’ 1-2% might invest

That's around 10,000 net new customers for free. πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

Other reasons


Let your customers participate in your success, create a highly invested community

Think Tesla πŸš—. β†’ Elon made his fans and believers rich along the way. They 10X love him, and will follow him off a cliff.

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