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Why Invest in WSB

You wouldn’t because this is not a real ETF. This is for entertainment purposes only. We take the top 10 discussed stocks each week and use the total number of mentions to determine the weight of our holdings. Let's see what we can turn million dollars into.

Fund Details

As of 12/21/2020

Fake TickerWSB
Fund TypeActive Equaity ETF
Primary ExchangeGTFO
Inception Date02/16/2021
Net Assets$0.00
Typical # of Holdings10-15

Fund Description Objective

The WSB ETF defines "Disruptive innovation" as the introduction of an autism enabled supergroup that changes the way the financial world works.

The companies within the WSB ETF include those that rely on pure autism to trend upward in value. They mostly lack any sort of fundamental strength or market validity. The fund is actively "managed" by reallocating funds weekly (Friday, EOD) into the top 10 most discussed stonks within /r/WallStreetBets, for better or for worse.

The goal of the fake WSB ETF is to track the true value of autism and compare that to industry stalwarts such as the S&P 500.

Top 10 Holdings

SYMBOLweightMARKET PRICEshares heldmarket value

Total Value $0.00

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