Demo Days just got better
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Demo Day Vehicles

We’re Calling them DDVs — The world’s fastest checkout flow to invest in startups; now integrated into Demo Days on Stonks 🚀

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Live Checkout, Integrated.

It’s now possible for investors to fund and close their investments on Stonks in less than 3 minutes.

Instantaneous Plaid ACH or next-day Wires. Mobile Enabled. LIVE, on Demo Days.

Desktop DDV
Mobile DDV
The Best Investor UX

Funds first, Documents Later.

Investors sign and send funds instantly. Why? If an investor has already sent the money, they’re much more likely to follow-through.

Click to Sign

We’ve built the smoothest investing experience online. Investors will be able click to sign an investment in minutes, not weeks.

Send Funds

Investments can be funded right from Stonks — LIVE on a demo day or asynchronously through a link. Wire transfers and Plaid ACH funding supported.

KYC & Accreditation

Know-Your-Customer and Accreditation are handled on platform. Investors can complete these steps after committing to invest and will only have to do them once.

We handle all the Legal

We’ll handle all of the legal and paperwork inlcuding: vehicle, bank account, and document creation, 506c accreditation and all domestic and international tax filings.

We hold the money in a segregated DDV bank account until the investor completes KYC and accreditation verification (defaulting to 506c). If the investor fails KYC or accreditation, these funds are returned. Stonks is an Exempt Reporting Advisor with the SEC.

One Way to Invest, Your Whole Network

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Enable direct investing to raise funds from your private network and investors on Stonks. Reduces complexity and fees for your raise, and keep track of all your individual investors in one place regardless of where they came from.



  • How much does a DDV cost?
    Demo Day Vehicles cost $8K + filing costs to cover incorporation, management, and excution costs associated with creating the investment entity. Stonks will not take carry on any investments. We're proud this cost is significantly cheaper for founders than hiring a law firm to handle their angel investments.
  • Do all investors need to be accredited?
    Yes - in order to comply with Rule 506, all investors in a Demo Day Vehicle will need to be accredited. Any investor sourced through your existing investor network will be able to self-select their accreditation status, while any investor that comes through a demo day will need to be proven accredited through 506(c) standards.
  • Is this an SPV or RUV?
    It's the best of both. Using a Demo Day Vehicle minimizes provides the same legal and filing cost savings as RUVs and SPVs. Unlike traditional SPVs, however, DDVs take 0% in management fees and 0% carry - ensuring the long-term value for investors is maintained.