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Apr 06, 2023·Newsletter

YC Demo Day

YC Demo Day

It's our second time running our YC access fund and we've gotten a lot better at it. We have already invested into 20 companies from the batch pre-demo-day and came to the stream much more prepared. We write $50k checks and move quickly. Here's a writeup of the process from last batch and here's a link to submit interest if you'd like to try to sneak into this batches access fund.

Garry Tan, YC's new President and CEO, started off Demo Day with these stats:

• YC turns 18 this batch

• Over 4000 YC companies in total

• 9000+ founders

• 90+ alumni raised > $1B

• 282 companies

• 77% had no revenue before @ycombinator

• Largest industry is B2B/SaaS

• Top themes: AI, dev tools, open source

• This batch had a 1.4% acceptance rate (20,000 applicants)

• 52% of founders only had an idea!

"By the math, it's possible that eleven companies in this batch will be unicorns!" - Garry Tan

Like I said - we've already invested into 24 companies from the batch so I wanted to share those here for you to check out for yourself. These are our favorites so far:

Go to to search any of the startups you see below and learn more.

CorgiAI - Payment fraud prevention software.

CodeComplete - AI-powered code completion for enterprise.

Second - Autopilot developer bots for web apps

Lightski - AI-Powered Sales Assistant

OfOne - AI-powered order taker for restaurant drive-thrus

Truewind - AI-powered Bookkeeping and Finance Software

Conduit - Software for warehouses to automate schedules with trucks.

Hadrius - The SEC Compliance Autopilot

Porter - Modern accounting software for startups

Vendah - Meesho for Latam

OneText - Frictionless payments via SMS

Littio - Dollar banking for people in Latin America

EzDubs - Real-time AI dubbing for content creators

Extend - Copilot for internal workflows

BerryApp - A Chrome extension that turns any web app multiplayer, like Figma

OutSail Shipping - Containerized Sails for Cargo Ships

Map3 - Crypto Treasury Ops Automation For Fintechs

pyq - Easy AI integrations into applications.

Fluid Markets - Exchange to Invest in Company Earnings

Chart - Deploy fast ML infrastructure with one click

1stCollab - DoubleClick for Influencer Marketing

BerriAI - API for SaaS businesses to create ChatGPT apps programmatically

Booth AI - Generative AI Photographer for E-Commerce

Teclada - The modern terminal for modern developers.

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