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Jul 28, 2022·Newsletter

Stonks Data Report

Stonks Data Report

Here at Stonks, we have a unique window into private markets. In the past 2 months alone we've had over 200 fundraising startups come through the platform. Most of these companies are in the earliest stages and many of them are in the course of graduating from top accelerators. With so much information out there about how early-stage investments could be affected by larger economic trends we decided to take the time to dig into the data and come up with some answers of our own. As our Data Science Team Lead, Kai Graham, likes to say: "With great data comes great responsibility."

Click below to see a full writeup by Kai on what we're seeing. Too busy for graphs and thoughtful analysis? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Kiss more frogs. Reaching a critical mass of investor exposure is necessary for founders to generate momentum in their round and maximize chances of success.
  • Down but not out. Valuations are down, but investors are still active. FOMO continues to be a key driver of deal momentum and decision making.
  • New money matters. Startups continue to benefit from record amounts of dry-powder and exposure to capital from "non-traditional" investors.

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