Secondary Saturdays - 10/29

Secondary Saturdays - 10/29

The weekend is upon us and winter is coming.

You know what that means. More market truisms from Tom and anecdotes from Adam on Stonks' newest show "Secondary Saturdays"

Secondary Saturdays strives to make the opaque world of private markets a bit more transparent, to thrust private discussions and professional dealmaking from cigar-smoke-filled rooms out into the public forum for all to see. From banter to bold predictions, snark to sound effects, Secondary Saturdays brings levity and insight to that which has been static, stolid, and serious for far too long.

Real talk, we didn't know the Reuters live stream featured Rahul Ligma 😂😂😂 when we were recording. However, we stand by our commentary (ironic as it was in light of this this satirical disaster porn). Alongside our commentary, we stan both Paul Graham alien essays and Shure microphones. On the latter note, please send money to get Adam Hardej a serviceable one.

This week, the vibes dictate that we take a peek at the one segment of the ApeVue 50 that is down worse than the Blockchain vertical.

Also, we present a fresh batch of Stonks startup valuation data.

More than all of this, Twitter going private looms large over our hosts' psyches

Tune in and discover:

As Jim Ross used to say, "All is fair in love and war, and I love it when (Adam and Tom) go to war." We're about to become the first podcast to fight over a newsletter. Get ready.

Head on over to YouTube to see these pundits pontificate about powerful pricing action—whew—and to catch a glimpse of ApeVue's comprehensive charts.

For the audiophiles out there, listen, subscribe, rate, et al (you know the drill, people) on either Spotify or Apple.

Until next weekend, just remember: Saturdays are for Secondaries!

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