Secondary Saturdays - 10/22

Secondary Saturdays - 10/22

Another weekend has come and gone. You know what that means.

Adam Hardej and Tom White hosting Stonks' newest show, "Secondary Saturdays"

Let's be honest: exclusivity is to Venture Capital as apple pie is to America—in its very heart, blood, and soul. More, VCs often take themselves a bit too seriously, hoard access to information, and make sartorially-suspect decisions (looking at you, Vest Mafia...)

Secondary Saturdays strives to make the opaque world of private markets a bit more transparent, to thrust private discussions and professional dealmaking from cigar-smoke-filled rooms out into the public forum for all to see. From banter to bold predictions, snark to sound effects, Secondary Saturdays brings levity and insight to that which has been static, stolid, and serious for far too long.

This week, our two talking heads delve into the data behind ApeVue, the first independent, daily pricing service for unicorn stocks. Comprised of the fifty most active private companies in the institutional market, the ApeVue 50 provides an important barometer of the health, strength, and liquidity of later-stage venture capital.

Tune into this week's episode and discover:

  • The substantial divergence between FinTech and Blockchain secondary prices since June of 2022
  • Why venture capital is making like crossover hedge funds and moving slowly but surely into public market investing
  • What to make of Elon's alleged plans for Twitter
  • The big news regarding $SNAP and its effect on growth equities
  • Tom's existential dread concerning mankind's relegation of free will (Editor's Note: This actually comes up...)

They don't put any of that in the All In podcast...

Head on over to YouTube to see these pundits pontificate about powerful pricing action—whew—and to catch a glimpse of ApeVue's comprehensive charts.

For the audiophiles out there, listen, subscribe, rate, et al (you know the drill, people) on either Spotify or Apple.

Until next weekend, just remember: Saturdays are for Secondaries!

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