Monkeys, Brain Chips and the Media - Secondary Saturdays 12/3

Monkeys, Brain Chips and the Media - Secondary Saturdays 12/3

The following article was written by a human and not ChatGPT

It was a tale of two long videos Wednesday. Neuralink gave everyone a long progress report right after Sam Bankman-Fried sat down with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Dealbook Summit. Lucky for you, Adam and Tom go through it all on "Secondary Saturdays"

Secondary Saturdays strives to make the opaque world of private markets a bit more transparent, to thrust private discussions and professional dealmaking from cigar-smoke-filled rooms out into the public forum for all to see. From banter to bold predictions, snark to sound effects, Secondary Saturdays brings levity and insight to that which has been static, stolid, and serious for far too long.

We're going to tell you all about what we're seeing and hearing without the help of Neuralink. This week we're officially approaching the holidays, which means two things: seasonal depression and an investing freeze. Yet, somehow Adam finds a way to stay bullish, and Tom finds another angle for the bears in the room. Note: this bear is not on cocaine.

Tune in and discover:

Head on over to YouTube to see these pundits pontificate about powerful pricing action—whew.

For the audiophiles out there, listen, subscribe, rate, et al (you know the drill, people) on either Spotify or Apple.

Until next weekend, just remember: Saturdays are for Secondaries!

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