Introducing the Stonks Demo Day Dashboard,

Introducing the Stonks Demo Day Dashboard,

At Stonks, we think Demo Days are one of the most exciting ways to bring founders and investors together and we’ve set out to build the ultimate Demo Day Platform; starting with how you host and run a demo day behind the scenes.

Tools for Online Demo Days

The power of running online demo days on Stonks:

  1. Event promotion — Publish an event page and start collecting RSVPs
  2. Bring everything together — Build out your deals, founders, panelists, and more, all under one roof
  3. Analytics — Analyze, leverage, and grow your demo day network

📅 Publish your event

Stonks gives demo day hosts an RSVP page so they can start marketing their event, collecting RSVPs, and building hype.

👨‍🔧 Bring everyone together

We’ve made it super simple to run a demo day online. From event creation to inviting all of the involved parties to going 🔴 LIVE and finally, analyzing your event afterwards.

  • Manage your guest list and collect RSVPs — See detailed information about each RSVPs workplace, accreditation status, social links, and more
  • Invite founders to create deal pages that are shareable with an easy link → all of this information will be made presentable come demo day
  • Add panelists, event details, a custom banner, links and more to your event page!

Startups/deals, founders, panelists and all of your event details can be managed from here.

✨ Analytics

We’ve built rich analytics right into Stonks. Start analyzing your RSVPs before the event has even begun. After you’ve had your demo day, analyze your event and attendees and build a growing demo day network!

Compare each startup/deal and see how your attendance stacks up against investment interest.

Leverage your new Network

With every demo day you run, investors can choose to join your network. Stonks will give you a detailed view of the investors in your network; See which events they’ve attended, their investment interest, and social details. Leverage your network by inviting them to future events and deals.

We’re just getting started at Stonks. We’ve only been around for under a year and have already ran 100+ demo days online generating over $1B in investment interest. We’re on a mission to democratize startup investing, starting with demo days. Follow us on twitter and LinkedIn or catch a LIVE event on

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