Introducing The Stonks 150

Introducing The Stonks 150

Stonks began as a simple remote demo day conducted over Zoom. Since our first event in late 2020, more than $120M has been wired to hundreds of companies on the platform.

Founders cannot build the future without funders, especially those that marry belief capital with financial capital at a company’s earliest stages. Of course, here we refer to Angel Investors.

Today we are excited to announce the Stonks 150, a list of the top 150 Angel Investors of 2022.

Each and every one of these individuals has demonstrated a keen ability to identify a large quantity of quality startups and have played a crucial role in helping them grow and succeed.

From veteran entrepreneurs and savvy financiers to up-and-coming operators, this list includes a diverse range of individuals who have made a significant, indelible contribution to the world of early stage investing.

We will release the list in batches of 25 until the Final Countdown in mid-December.

We invite you to take a gander here.

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