Going Global: Stonks Deals from the World Over

Going Global: Stonks Deals from the World Over

Investor demand, early-stage deal trends, fundraising activity, and other measures of relative market performance can vary materially by geography.

Investors, partners, and startups looking for international opportunities will be happy to know that Stonks’ global user base makes it easier than ever to connect and engage with deals from all over the world.

Breaking down startup investment interest received on Stonks by location, we see strong investment activity across all major regions.

Looking at median intro requests and investment interest by startup, segmented by region, we see the following:

  • Africa: 4 intro requests|$210K investment interest
  • Asia: 5 intro requests| $330K investment interest
  • Australia & New Zealand: 5.5 intro requests | $755K investment interest
  • Europe: 4 intro requests | $268.5K investment interest
  • Latin America: 13 intro requests | $1.29M investment interest
  • USA & Canada: 5 intro requests | $587.5K investment interest

The key takeaways here are:

  1. Startups across different geographic regions have seen strong investor activity on Stonks, with median intro requests generated per startup in Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe falling in line with median numbers from USA/Canada.
  2. More differences emerge when looking at dollar-value of investment interest, with Latin America, USA/Canada, and Australia/New Zealand seeing the highest median interest levels
  3. Startups located in Latin America have outperformed startups located in other regions, both from a count and dollar-value perspective
  4. Despite median counts in line with other regions, startups located in the USA/Canada see higher amounts of outliers, many of which are related to larger, one-off occurrences of higher-demand startups

With different regions seeing different conditions at any given time, access to international deal flow can allow some to take advantage of more favorable conditions abroad. Data comparing Asia and Europe from KPMG’s Global Q2'22 Venture Pulse Report shows how deal values, counts, and performance by company stage can all vary by geographic region:

For those looking to capitalize on differences in regional market dynamics, the data shows Stonks can be a great place to start.

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