FTX is still Happening - Secondary Saturdays 11/19

FTX is still Happening - Secondary Saturdays 11/19

If you got to this article via Twitter, then it's still alive.

Elon is doing more with less and we're striving for the same. Adam and Tom go through all the best headlines from this week on Stonks' newest show, "Secondary Saturdays"

Secondary Saturdays strives to make the opaque world of private markets a bit more transparent, to thrust private discussions and professional dealmaking from cigar-smoke-filled rooms out into the public forum for all to see. From banter to bold predictions, snark to sound effects, Secondary Saturdays brings levity and insight to that which has been static, stolid, and serious for far too long.

The World Cup is quickly approaching, so we found a way to talk about it without mentioning the lack of beer in the stadium. What more do you want from us? It was the best way to avoid making another show completely dedicated to the FTX case. It's a case now, right? There's too much here for there not to be criminal proceedings at some point...maybe.

Tune in and discover:

If you're a fan of soccer and plan on watching the World Cup, then get ready. There's a special final segment with that theme in mind. You need to tune in to find out!

Head on over to YouTube to see these pundits pontificate about powerful pricing action—whew—and to catch a glimpse of ApeVue's comprehensive charts.

For the audiophiles out there, listen, subscribe, rate, et al (you know the drill, people) on either Spotify or Apple.

Until next weekend, just remember: Saturdays are for Secondaries!

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