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Apr 28, 2022·Newsletter

Crypto Bahamas

Crypto Bahamas

It's day 3 at Crypto Bahamas 2022 and it's very easy to tell who's who. A quick guide: If you have something linen on, you're an allocator from a traditional financial institution. You've been here on vacation before and you have a base tan from Miami Tech Week. If you have an old t-shirt on, you're a crypto native fund manager. You have a sunburn and you think the internet speed sucks. If you have a polo on, you're in some sort of media role covering the event. You're having a great time and everyone back at the office is jealous. If you're Gisele, you're on the main stage and you're making SBF nervous.

Despite markets being down, traditional financial institutions are in the Bahamas looking for partners on the crypto side to deploy capital through. Amidst uncertain regulations for the old guard, it seems that wide-spread adoption by traditional firms is still being pushed off in favor of picking the right crypto native firm to back. In this way, these highly regulated institutions are able to get the exposure they want without jumping through as many hoops. Elons Twitter acquisition has also been in the conversation as people talk about what it means for mass adoption.

Click here to check out a short update video from David Hollerith at Yahoo Finance.

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