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Mar 15, 2022·Newsletter



The former family-office of Carnegie Steel co-founder Henry Phipps (pictured above talking his way into the ETH presale) has set up a DAO (created an exclusive Discord) to discuss the latest trends in crypto (share deals) and invest in the web3 movement (not through tokens though)... Ok, I'm done. That's all of the jabs I had.

More seriously, Bessemer is making a move to meet crypto-native founders on their terms and has made a big commitment to supporting this effort. The DAO is in the early stages, but aims to be a key part of their push into the space. Led by Ethan Kurzweil, BessemerDAO is accepting applications and already includes members like Mike Dudas (6th Man Ventures) and Josh Fried (Solana Labs).

Although their isn't a specific plan in the short-term to decentralize investment decisions, Kurzweil is playing the long-game and sees a future where Bessemer partners hold no special authority over funds compared to other DAO members.

Click here to check out the full article from Kate Clark at The Information.

Hint follow up: I did learn how to skateboard after I bought the skateboard shoes despite being a poser to start. I'm also a big fan of Bessemer. More of a "punching up" comedic situation.

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