Announcing Free, Cross-platform Accreditation for Angel investors

Announcing Free, Cross-platform Accreditation for Angel investors

Startup investing is limited to those who are accredited investors, per SEC rules. Deals cannot be discussed or shared publicly, unless the startup or a qualifying platform is verifying accreditation. This has historically been a significant burden for both startups and platforms.

In 2021, the regulations were revised to make this significantly easier β€” verification of accreditation status now needs to be done only once every 5 years (vs every 3 months previously). We believe this massively reduces the operational burden for investors, startups and platforms.

Verified Accreditation Certificate

To enable investors to take full advantage of this regulation change, Stonks is now issuing Verified Accreditation Certificates to angel investors. This is 100% free β€” used to cost $250 with most CPAs.

It is valid for 5 years, and cross-platform 🀯: use this to verify your accreditation on Angellist, Carta, Stonks, WeFunder, Republic, SeedInvest, other platforms and private deals β€” without the need to expose your documents everywhere and share them repeatedly.

How does it work?

Your information is reviewed by a licensed attorney on our team, who then issues you a letter (certificate) verifying your accreditation. This is a simple PDF document you own, that you can share with anyone who needs to verify your accreditation status. This meets the SEC standards for verifying accreditation [Reg. D, 506(c)].

Security & Privacy

Your information is also encrypted and hidden via AES 256, even from our team. Only licensed attorneys (with private encryption keys) can see this. It helps us sleep easy knowing that even if we’re hacked, your information will remain encrypted, hidden and secure.

πŸ‘‰ Get your free accreditation certification here with Stonks.

πŸ‘€ Check out one of our upcoming startup demo days here from Techstars, 500 Global, LaunchHouse, Draper, SOSV and others.

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