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May 05, 2022·Newsletter

Airbnb Cleans Up

Airbnb Cleans Up

It's a car pun. Get it? Lyft stalls... like a car. Ok, moving on.

Q1 reports are out and it's a mess. The markets continue to tumble nervously and jump at the first sign of movement. On one side, Airbnb reported great numbers. Their revenue for the quarter clocked in at a blistering 79% above where it was a year ago. They're generating $1.2B in cash and generally seem to be in a great position to continue to ride the remote work wave. The market rewarded them with a +7% day. Meanwhile, Lyft is struggling and the whole "adjusted Ebitda" thing isn't playing well now that everyone actually takes making money seriously again. Lyft lost $182M this last quarter and it's not looking good on the growth side. As you could maybe guess, the market didn't like that and responded with a disheartening -27% free-fall in after-hours trading.

As we push forward, it seems like this situation could come up more and more. Some companies are thriving in the new-world Covid left behind and seem prepared to weather the looming storm. Others seem to be caught outside naked, as clouds block out the sun of the longest bull market in history. Time will tell who's who.

Click here to check out the full article from Martin Peers at The Information.

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