Best-Of-Stonks: Demo Day Fund

Invest in Top tier Startups with one check

We invest $25k-$50K into the best startups from 1500+ deals per month.

Invest in the Demo Day Fund
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What the F*&% is Stonks?

Stonks is a
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Stonks is the Home for Startup Demo Days. We see 150+ deals every month from partners like A16Z, 500 Global, Techstars, CoinList, Hustle Fund DFJ, Xoogler, Mercury Raise, Flori Ventures, First Fund & others.

Best of stonks fund partners

🦍   What is the Best-of-Stonks Demo Day Fund?

The Demo Day Fund invests in the best startups on our platform, similar to the AngelList Access Fund. This includes both Stonks events, and all partner events hosted on Stonks.

Startups Selected On



The average currently is ~$1m ARR.



Exceptional Founders



Exceptional Co-Investors

Demo Day Fund Startups (so far)

$0 mgmt fee. 0% carry

😯 yes, you read that right

We want all the returns from this Fund to flow back to our LPs, as a thank you for supporting the Fund and the Stonks platform in its first year 🙏. Funds in the future may not have this benefit.

$50k / $250k

Individuals / Entities Minimum Check Size

You have to be an accredited investor, and be able to prove it 👊


Hard capped fund size

GP Commit: $1 Million (from Ali, the founder/ceo of Stonks)

Why invest in the Stonks DemoDay Fund?

We have a Structural Advantage. 👉 We win allocations into any deal we want from our Partner events, since we operate the underlying platform layer these Demo Days are hosted on.

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😤️ Facts

FundA No-Fee Fund to gain wide exposure to ~100 startups on Stonks Demo Days, w/information rights.
GP Commits$1 million
Management Fees0% (some fixed admin fees apply from Fund admin, billed at-cost)
Size$5M (roughly $1.2M remaining)
Investor ContactAdam Hardej, Director of Private Markets,
Demo Day Fund StrategyFixed checks into Stonks Demo Day companies, and select Partner Demo Day companies.

Deployment: Starting Oct '21, deploy over next 12-18 months into 75-100 startups.

Timeline: HODL 💎✋ until portfolio companies exit, with capital returned as exits occur 💸 (expected timeframe of ~10 years)
Selection Criteria$250K or higher ARR, unless
Exceptional founders (serial exits etc), or
Exceptional co-investors (a16z, Sequoia etc)
Selection Rate6%

Average over July - September '21
Information RightsYes. Can apply to follow-ons and SPVs